Digital Marketing Collective

Digital Marketing Collective

Tymoo is a collective of experienced freelancers who work together in a teamlancing approach to deliver top-quality work that creates growth for brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We've got answers. Well, some answers anyways.

A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest or work together to achieve a common objective. A worker cooperative is a type of horizontal collective wherein a business functions as a partnership of individual professionals, recognizing them as equals and rewarding them for their expertise. -Wikipedia

A digital marketing collective is a network of experienced freelance specialists who work alongside on a project-by-project basis.   An experienced team of freelancers (we call this teamlancing) are inherently more flexible, cost-effective, and quicker to deploy  By their very nature, collectives are highly selective and generally only accept experienced marketing experts in their respective domains.

A digital marketing agency acts as a gatekeeper often employing junior staff to do your work, whereas the collective is transparent, and you know exactly who is working for you. We’ve found this results in a much closer, more trustworthy relationship for brands to achieve their business goals. An agency makes money by charging a project fee or monthly retainer that is higher than its’ cost to employ their staff.   Our digital marketing collective doesn’t upcharge work or charge a fee to its’ members, meaning business owners' money is invested directly into the work deliverables with no middle man.

Instead of forming an in-house team for short-term projects, online brands can gain considerably more and overcome key challenges by hiring a team of freelancers from the digital marketing collective.     The teamlancing concept comes with an infinite scale that you don’t get with a regular freelancer and top quality that you don’t get with a normal agency. Hiring self-governing teams rather than supervising individual marketing professionals allowing you to focus on other vital activities.

Individually, our group of digital marketing experts has years of working for some of the largest content companies, advertising firms, digital marketing agencies in the world.  Collectively, our team of freelancers have worked on some of the world’s leading and most exciting brands while also helping emerging brands establish their business foothold in their industry niche.  And together, we’re a powerhouse of digital marketing professionals that drives commercial results with our online marketing efforts.

No, rather than hiring individual freelancers and managing each one individually.  The digital marketing collective represents a group of freelancers who collaborate and self-manage projects in the same way an in-house team would, making it much more sustainable. Building a website, for example, may necessitate the services of a brand specialist, a designer, a developer, a copywriter, and a project manager to ensure that the result is as close to ideal as possible.  In such instances, a freelance project manager may act as the client’s point of contact. This freelance project manager will then operate as the primary contact for a team of freelancers with the required expertise for the project.

Teamlancing is a group of freelancers working toward a common goal, creating products, or delivering digital marketing services for clients. Teamlancing helps freelancers execute the project more swiftly, with higher quality and greater efficiency. Each freelancer on the team brings unique abilities and world-class knowledge that can significantly contribute to the project being on time, on budget, and delivering the desired results. 

We are always on the search for experienced freelancers to join our digital marketing collective movement.   If you are an independent freelancer with an active client base, please reach out to schedule a call to learn more about the digital collective moment and our team of freelancers.